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Raining Cats ‘n’ Dogs

A Little Pink

A Little Pink

It’s that time of year when the weather can change in the blink of an eye. Sun, rain, hot, cold. Wild time of year. That time of life.

Right now I can’t hear anything but water hitting the roof of the house. It’s pouring down. Thunder rattling through the house.

God is pouring down the water of life to thunderous applause, how else could it be? Whatever dies is life to something.

And whatever lives dies. There’s only life left, or is it death.

The more one is inside the more whole the outside looks, inside.
Outside it all looks the same to the uninitiated, work is work, weather is weather, people are people.

But, really, one is the other. When I am less than two inside.

The passage is sometimes a deluge and you have to be careful not to get flooded or washed away.

Just stay out of the flow if you can. To the high ground where little lives. A hazardous climb. A slippery slope.

It’s where the sun shines first. Inside.
If you get to the top and the water keeps rising stand on your toes, look to the stars, breathe carefully and pray for help.

And if it still keeps rising? “Swim laddie!”

A Little Fire

A Little Fire

Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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