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A Long Long Time Ago

God said to a young boy; “Dig a hole for me son.”

And the boy was delighted, he loved digging holes, and he loved to help. So he set about digging the best hole he could with his boy’s tools.

The boy enjoyed his work and every now and again he would call out over his shoulder; “Is this a good hole?”

He enjoyed digging his hole so much he didn’t even notice the years go by and the boy grew into a man, at least on the outside.

Over time he stopped asking if the hole was any good because he never got an answer. He just focused on the hole.

And through the years he found bigger and better tools to dig his hole with until he had the biggest hole on Earth. And the biggest piles of rock and dirt.

Still he kept on digging, because he just loved digging holes.
When he couldn’t make the first hole any bigger he would just start another one somewhere else. And a third, the fourth and on and on he dug.

Before he knew it the man was old and grey and eventually he even forgot why he started digging the hole in the first place.

Along the way he had even invented this ginormous hole digging machine that was selling so well he could never want for anything should he live a thousand years.

Still he went on digging.
One day as the old man was sitting down after a hard days digging and wondering, not for the first time, “why the hell am I digging this damn hole?” God came up to him and asked him; “Have you had enough of digging holes yet son?”
Just then there was a mighty crash of mechanical force as the garbage man did his rounds outside the window and the young boy woke from his nap with a start. “Uh!”

He got up, dimly recollecting a dream of digging holes, and went to his mum who was preparing food in the kitchen and hugged her around the knees.

“M’goin owt back t’play ma”, he said. She smiled at her little boy. “Don’t ya go diggin no holes f’me t’fall’n owt dere, will ya?”

Just then a light flashed in his head. “N’way ma.” He said as he ran out into the garden.
Little Angels

Copyright Reserved / Mark Berkery

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