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Violet Angel

Violet Angel

I stopped being one recently, a school bus driver.

And the birds are travelling with me now. At the last stop on the last day of me being a school bus driver an Ibis took flight from the kerbside and led the bus down the road for a bit. I eased off the pedal to give it some space. Young Max was delighted too. Goodbye bus driving. Goodbye kids.

It was a discipline driving the school bus, for me and some of the kids, particularly some of the older boys – one is the reciprocal of the other. But, eventually, the dark entity that was in the back of the bus when I took over the run either gave up or was kicked off, rightly so. Not with aggression or indifference but with understanding and knowing what I don’t want – won’t tolerate. And with a view to demonstrating you don’t get away with bad attitude in this world, it has consequences and it can be given up – while they are still young enough to be able to do it relatively easily. I also had angelic helpers in the form of the little ones, mostly the girls but significantly some younger boys, if only in their presence.

That’s what I call the spiritual life. The ordinary everyday work done properly – without giving in to any negativity of mind – mine or anyone else’s – the best I can. And acknowledging the simple good in one way or another.

I left the bus in order and peace – as within – more or less. Right on time. A significant job done, for now.
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