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Fly Posting


No, not insects through the mail. Putting up A4 notices where people will have them and see them. I’ve been doing it for the talks I am giving in Brunswick Heads and I get a good reception almost everywhere I go. I meet some people who say they need what I have but them showing up at a talk is another matter.

I enjoy talking to the different people though, about the quality of the honey or the birds in the aviary at the lovely old nook of a fruit and veg shop on the Murwillumbah side of the Burringbar Ranges. The birds were excited to see me and I was really delighted to make acquaintances. One danced for my attention and when I went to take his picture he kept ducking out of the frame. Then he whistled at me, delightful cheeky spirit, reminded me of one of the young girls on the school bus. Still bright in me.

Or the lady at the ladies clothes shop in Murwillumbah where every item is a one off, the racks are delightfully colourful and feminine. And my flyer was placed uncluttered on a crowded board.

The lady at the Environment shop put one up for me and the fellow took a couple to put up elsewhere.

Or the coffee shop near the bridge where the young daughter is going to have a bath of lime and raspberry tea while drinking a cup of it with a little honey. Lovely aroma.

And the organic shop where the young woman showed an unusual appreciation for what I am doing.

The lady sweet, and the man in the crystal shop wished me good luck with what I’m doing, and meant it.

The bookshop where a young woman of presence welcomed me on my first day flyering. The simple presence symbolic to me.

Many other places too. Fruit and veg shops in Pottsville, the mechanics in Burringbar, the doctors in Mullumbimby, the gallery in Stokers Siding and many other notice boards.

All little encouragements, little helping angels, to me.

It has been a pleasure. And though it looks like I might be heading for a city sometime soon I’m not finished here yet.


What a sweet smell there is in the air today, and tonight. A reminder of a place of beauty, inside. Something wonderful is happening in the bush.
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