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Lord in Blue


Such an insignificant creature? Not at all. Every thing in creation has its perfect place. The only imperfection is in the mind that perceives one, or holds to what is past, what is not now. The creation is now, as close as it gets. In sense.

While the arguments rage as to whether there is a god let’s look at the obvious beauty of the creation as it is. This shot is of a Longhorn Beetle as it happens in the wild near where I live in SE Brisbane. It is undeniable this is a beautiful creature, it touches a point in the psyche where you can recognise a sense that goes; Mmmm! That’s good, that’s nice.

Without knowing exactly what ‘that’ is. Because ‘it’ is not the insect form, but what it represents, the beauty or inscrutable genius behind it.

There is no manipulation here, as I said, this is how the beetle appeared to me. God like? Why not? To me.

Simply sense.

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