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Out in Eprapah NR I saw this fellow out of the corner of my eye as he moved amongst the dried out leaves. Unusually bold for a hopper to be out in the sun and he didn’t do a zig zag roundabouts backward sidestep to get out from under the lens.  As they often do, at least here in Aus.

So I followed him around the forest floor until he had enough and with a single clicking sound was gone, just after the last shot here. This little one is about 1cm body length, a frog – hopper I believe.


Who am I? It’s an inevitable question for anyone that has experienced enough change.

So who am I? Am I the body or what it does, the mind and what it thinks and feels? I don’t think so.

The fact is it is these things changing that prompt the question. Everything changes in existence and change is pain. It is pain that enables me to separate because I am surely not that. And separation enables the question. So who am I?

I am asking the question, surely. I am the pain of change. And I am that which changes. All knowing. But I am also more, or less. There has got to be more to it than mere mechanics. Surely?

I am also that which I cannot know, behind the I that asks the question. Behind the body and mind that changes. And what is it I cannot know?

Nothing, surely!

Nothing to know.


And I am a Frog – Hopper. :)


I am when all is not. I am the nothing, the space behind the body. Inside – where else. I am behind the mind. I am in the tingling inside where sense begins. I am the seeing in the I that sees. I am behind the appearance of the fly. I am now, not then.

I am in the sun that lights the day. I am the darkness that reveals the stars. I am in the flow of water and the land. And the grain of wheat, the bird that flies. I am I, who else.

I am in all things and I see all things (are) in me.

I am first and last. I am between.

I am.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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