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Gi’s A Break!


Blue and red, green iridescence. Long legged wonder. Meandering about on Hibiscus, looking for his lost love? I bet.

He’s a man after all, why else all the colour but to attract his long lost love back to him.


Stopping here and there for a drink, a feed. And what comes along but a bloody photographer.

Messing with my space, just ignore him, he’ll go away. I hope.


Aaghhh! He won’t go away, I’ll have to perform now, bloody men.

Ok. Pose, this way and that. Stick my long tongue out at him, maybe he’ll get the message.

Aaghhh! He doesn’t get it. Just leave me alone, why don’t ya.

I know, I’ll show him my behind. He’s got to get that?


Not on your life. Might as well play along.

Better clean up, brush the dust off my back, the debris off my eyes. Brush those antennae shiny.

Better look my best, give him my best. Then he’ll go away and leave me alone to get on with my hunt for my long lost love.

Did I say that? Putting thoughts into my mind he is. Dangerous man.


Hey you! Gis a break why don’t ya.

What? Now he’s putting things in my way, trying to slow me down. I’ll show him.

Oops! That hurt, all the way from his eye to his foot.

Me wings aren’t straight yet. Under the leaves then.

Aaghhh! Here he is again, won’t he ever leave me alone? Aaaaghhh!


Ok, ok. I give up. I’ll just sit here ‘til you’re done.

Ho hum!


And what’s this? A little lake of honey?

Wow, cheers mate. Come again any time why don’t ya.

Hmmmm! Ol’ pal.


Do insects really have such personalities?

Is it possible? Could the planet survive it?

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge

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