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Spider Time


As soon as the weather started turning warm again I noticed an increase in the flying population. Small creatures to start with, then some bigger ones, gnats, midges etc. then bees, wasps, beetles and still getting bigger. Dragonflies have started their first wave of the new year in earnest; there are many young ones about where there is water.

Water, life to all things. Without the movement the fluidity of water enables there would be a lot of very slow things in existence.


It wasn’t long before the spiders started showing themselves. Sometimes just as a speck on a thread hanging from the branches or ceilings. Often on the leaves where the little flyers landed. Now they are big enough to get noticed all about. As it is with all things, following the resources for survival, the population burgeons and gets fat on the bounty.

There is a cost too. You will often see a spider with a leg or two missing. Everything costs something.


They have favoured places, spiders, depending on their kind. Or so it seems. Some love to weave their webs across the canyons of green and shadow and need a flow through of air to carry their prey to them, or they set up their webs in sheltered places and wait for other creatures that seek out the shelter. Some hunt in open spaces for their keen eyesight, like the big eyed Jumper, and others take to the jungle for their sensitivity of touch and the network of threads they lay around a place to feel from, like the spiky Lynx.

It only takes a little time observing nature to realise there is an intelligence to the way of things. All things have a place, even if it kills them. Because it’s the way of things.

Everything dies, and it fits.

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