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Flight Risk

This weevil was wandering around an aquatic plant in the nearby swamp. I got a few shots as it passed this way and that. It looked like it had something attached to its rear end. I couldn’t see very clearly at the time it had a problem with one wing. It seems one wing didn’t fold as the other obviously did. I suppose it could be a genetic defect though the creature looked like it had been alive for some time, though a defect is not necessarily a detriment to survival. It depends on the defect, doesn’t it?

I followed it around the big leaf it was on and it didn’t seem to be able to find a way to move on, explore as it seemed to for a track or trail leading somewhere. Eventually I left it where I found it, still wandering around the leaf. Not unusual behaviour for bugs, they don’t worry about things like, ‘I’ve been here before’, ‘am I lost?’, ‘what am I going to do if nothing to eat comes along?’

No such emotional nonsense for my little bugs. No siree.

I wonder if the weevil flew away ok? But not really, I don’t invite imagining I don’t need to do.

It’s a flight risk. Flight of fancy.

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