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Damsel on a Flower

In the end you just have to give up, whatever that means. Whatever!

There has to be the willingness to see through the veil of mind.

And an absence of insurmountable impediment.

Who knows what tomorrow brings.

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Creatures of Divinity

While the appearance of insects is reduced in the fields and forests because of the cold, the cold sends a few to the light I leave on outside at night. So I get to see some creatures I wouldn’t otherwise.

It really is amazing the design of this beautiful existence, seen in the small natural things. Not by any ‘BIG’ Christian sort of God person but by the impersonal that is beyond the reach of thinking, reasoning, emotional Man. The impersonal that can be ‘seen’ when there is no one to go; ‘there’ it is. It just is, in all things, and out. That’s being, or being divine.


As for being human, a pained, thinking, emotionally interpretive creature that concerns itself with trivia and dies slowly and uncomfortably over a long period of time?

Who, in their right mind, would want that? And when seen to be utterly futile how to turn it to purpose.

We’ll see, is all I can say.

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Sweet Bee

A Fire Tailed Resin Bee, lovely little thing. Found a few metres from the Mantis nest. It was slow moving and in an effort to get it to stop altogether I gave it my finger to rest on and warm up, it was overcast on a relatively cold day. As soon as it climbed on it started moving faster and in a few seconds was stretching its wings and away it went. So much for it stopping for a better shot.

A bee is a bee, until it’s not. But it never has a problem being a bee. A man is anything the wind blows along, until he’s not. And man can have a problem with being anything, because it’s not the truth. Anything at all, because existence is an alien place.

Man must come to the will to act without it being born of want or not want if he is to avoid more of the same, being without truth. The action carries the imprint of its birthing and imbues the consequences with it.

Or it could be the wind of change just blows through him, we’ll see. Or we won’t, because death is the whole point of living.

We’ll see, if there’s enough pain to change him.

Smile! You’re on candid … (:

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Little Red Beetle

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Ichneumon Wasp – Laying on Mantis

First picture is just for size perspective. The Wasp is 3-4mm long and the ovipositor is thrice as long, standing on a one inch diameter Mantis nest, a globular foamy thing you have probably seen before.

The Wasp is parasitizing the Mantis nest, or Ootheca, by first sensing with her ovipositor, smell or taste – just like us, there is something there to feed her young – every mother is concerned for the welfare of her young. The Ootheca is where the Mantis lays her eggs and they incubate. The wasp has another idea, instead of hunting something for her young to eat and building a nest she does it easy and lays in a ready made nest, the Mantis’s.

She was so occupied I was able to manipulate the grass she was on to get the shot; otherwise she would probably not have let me close. Most of these small creatures are single minded when it comes to fundaments such as eating, shelter and reproduction. And unlike people they don’t make a problem of it, don’t get emotional or worrisome. Just doing what it is moved to do or must, no spanner of thought in the works.

The Mantis nest is one inch in diameter and five feet up on a stem of grass in a field of grass and there is nothing to brace myself or the camera for a shot. This is what I use the stick for, amongst other things. But the first thing is to go still inside. Inside comes first, if I am still inside I am still outside – as much as possible. The value being I am not distracted by thoughts of anything but what matters to getting the shot. And what matters first is stability, of posture or platform, or focus – the inner then the outer. When I quiet my mind this way it also means I am less likely to get anxious or stressed in the often difficult process of capturing the image.

When I have stability of focus – as much as possible – I accommodate the fact there is no perfection standing in a field trying to hold a camera at the top of a five foot long stick absolutely geo-stationary – it’s not possible. This is where the minute but inevitable movement has to be controlled since it can’t be eliminated, even with short working distance and lens and bug relatively stabilized in the same hand, so I move the plane of focus – less than 1mm deep – through the plane of the subject at the angle I want to capture it and shoot just as I judge it is where I want it. And it is a judgment for me. With my gear it is sometimes like shooting in the dark but you can see from my pix it works, and the keeper rate is not bad.

And if this old body can do it with my cam any body can.

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Domino Cuckoo Bee

This little beauty was trapped in my bathroom recently for long enough to exhaust itself trying to get out the window. It was literally out of energy, couldn’t rise an inch for a second when I gave it some honey on a leaf and it fell into it and over on its side a few times. So I helped it out, keeping its tongue in the honey. After a short while supping the nectar it was renewed enough to clamber about until it flew off through the opened window into the garden.

A little nourishment is life to small things. Don’t give grudgingly. Or be true and don’t give at all, even if it means poverty, death or insanity. Relative terms, I know.

To be true to what you are is more important than anything else. For if you are not true to what you are now you can’t move on to what is truer, can’t change.

And change must be.


Oops! Did I forget to smile just then.  ((:

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Golden Soldier Fly + 1 or 2

… angles I could get in the long grass. First time I’ve seen this fly and it sat for a while. One more wonder of the nature at our feet.

Hidden Jumping Spider seemed reluctant to make an appearance though it did peep once or twice.

And when I got back to the car this fly was dying on it. Magnificent creature.

One way or another death comes to us all.

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Green Damsel on Yellow

This Damsel came to the light I keep on outside at night and like most creatures attracted to light it fluttered wildly around it. The Damsel is about 3mm wide, eye to eye, very small.

The light is so designed, close to a low ceiling, nothing will land on it so what I do is hold the flower under the light and encourage something to land on the flower. It can take some time before something is obliging but when it is it usually stays for a while, or it does eventually.

So many creatures have landed on it recently I am thinking I need to change colour now, or get some different flowers.

Too much of the same or similar invites familiarity and that is the death of the new.

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Green Things

A little creature from the Rain-forest. It didn’t want to be exposed on the leaf but I coaxed it with a guiding finger. Lovely colours and appropriate shape for slipping through the green growth. Nice and simple sense.

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