Nature's Place

Creatures of Divinity

While the appearance of insects is reduced in the fields and forests because of the cold, the cold sends a few to the light I leave on outside at night. So I get to see some creatures I wouldn’t otherwise.

It really is amazing the design of this beautiful existence, seen in the small natural things. Not by any ‘BIG’ Christian sort of God person but by the impersonal that is beyond the reach of thinking, reasoning, emotional Man. The impersonal that can be ‘seen’ when there is no one to go; ‘there’ it is. It just is, in all things, and out. That’s being, or being divine.


As for being human, a pained, thinking, emotionally interpretive creature that concerns itself with trivia and dies slowly and uncomfortably over a long period of time?

Who, in their right mind, would want that? And when seen to be utterly futile how to turn it to purpose.

We’ll see, is all I can say.

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