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Domino Cuckoo Bee

This little beauty was trapped in my bathroom recently for long enough to exhaust itself trying to get out the window. It was literally out of energy, couldn’t rise an inch for a second when I gave it some honey on a leaf and it fell into it and over on its side a few times. So I helped it out, keeping its tongue in the honey. After a short while supping the nectar it was renewed enough to clamber about until it flew off through the opened window into the garden.

A little nourishment is life to small things. Don’t give grudgingly. Or be true and don’t give at all, even if it means poverty, death or insanity. Relative terms, I know.

To be true to what you are is more important than anything else. For if you are not true to what you are now you can’t move on to what is truer, can’t change.

And change must be.


Oops! Did I forget to smile just then.  ((:

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