Nature's Place

Little Wizard

Down the track and into the field of fresh cut grass and the smell is lovely. On the right is a short Acacia bush with two magical creatures living on it. They’ve got to be of the magical realm to be dressed up as they are, Mother of Pearl feathers on a shiny black leather coat. And what wonderful feet they have, multi purpose no doubt – three joints, pads and a very business like hook on the end. What a wonderful snout and antennae too, all the better to sniff and sense, near and far, what’s on the wind in their wonderful little world – actual and metaphorical, as magical creatures see.

Perhaps they are a couple, or good friends. Though they were wandering around alone, but on the same bush – which is significant, of what I’m not sure. The obvious perhaps? Either way they were friendly little creatures who readily hopped on my finger to say hello.

Hello? Yes, in their way. A taste here, a sniff there, a sensing all around. Of what I’m not sure, maybe me, just me. They sensed no danger anyway, and I gave them none. Beautiful little magical fellows of the wood and field, fellows to me. Fellows of the same Nature.

What magic were they weaving today I wonder? Hmmm! I know, delight! They were casting spells of delight. And I know this how? Because I was delighted, how else!

Yes, delight, a blessing from the magical realm from two of its wonderful little messengers. Or were they wizards after all, casting such magical spells?

Yes, wonderful little wizards, to me.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click any picture and click again to enlarge