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Devilish Monkery

These beetles have been having their season lately, showing up around the house at all hours, head down – hiding in plain sight. Not easy to get a shot of the face as they usually have their eyes down, flat to the surface.

There are a few individuals here. One from the outside light I leave on in the evenings, one from the front garden on some dead flowers, and another from a drinking glass from one of the rooms upstairs – I gave it a little honey on some dry leaves to pose for me – before I let it go, and it did for a little while. It had to be tricked.

It’s a beautifully streamlined shape with head tucked up, the kind we design in wind tunnels for fast and stable flight. Easy for it to pass unnoticed.

In one shot in particular I am reminded of a hooded monk with a devilish mask on – of course that’s its ‘real’ face.

But whatever it appears to be it is no less one more of nature’s amazing little wonders.

Thank you beetle, thank you nature.


The mask sticks, doesn’t it. The one we wear.

And then we search and search for how to get it off …

… or put on another one …… and call it the spiritual life. ((:

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