Nature's Place

Elemental Me

After clearing the flower bed of its ten year overgrowth of trees and bushes I have been visiting it more, there is more to see. Today I saw an orangeness wandering about the stone edging and got the camera in case I got the chance at a shot.

As I came back the orangeness had mounted a stick with one end in the air, about two inches off the ground that gave me a complimentary background to a wonderful creature. She stood there as if looking at her new world from on high, a warrior’s stance, an untroubled character. A majesty of being.

There was time enough for a few shots before she was about her new life’s business, her wings just filled out. And she was gone, into the great unknown. To be as her instinct, unfolding to event arising, intelligence evolved.

That’s nature, a window in sense to the romance of the ages.

What a shame, the constraints of emotional being.

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