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Macro Day Two

Thanks to all for coming, to both Macro Day One and Macro Day Two – forum. And well done, it’s good to see people engaging in the process. I enjoy it, and as long as I do I’ll go on doing it, as long as someone wants to do it.

Today my highlight, what sticks out, is the fact every body and situation is unique and requires a creative fluid response rather than a fixed predetermined one. We just had two hot sunny days but I had a sense it wouldn’t be so for the Macro Day meeting, just a sense. Sitting in the afternoon I could hear the thunder and see the dark clouds in the distance and there was a chance they wouldn’t come my way. No such luck, it poured down from about 3.00pm. But everybody came and I was in luck and prepared.

The light I leave on at night to attract the bugs had a few visitors over the last two days that didn’t leave, so I employed them for the duration, four Beetles and one Cicada – and fed them before letting them go. Around the table then, and with some natural back-ground material, we had the opportunity to focus on relaxation for a time, then on shooting angles, composure, back-grounds and lighting – shooting some of nature’s ‘given’ wonderful creatures.

The creative state is a matter that is central to what we do on our Macro days – would serve well if central to living. The difference between an acceptable shot and a good one, given the know-how, is the state or condition of mind of the shooter. Everything rests on how I, the shooter, am inside. If I have a plan and insist on seeing it through in the face of changing circumstances I am going to get frustrated and frustration begets more of itself. Or if I have some thoughtful or emotional movement going on I’m not going to be fully present to give my best effort, best focus. This, basically, is why I employ relaxation and meditation – so I can easily relax my grip on any plan, thinking or emotional condition and maintain myself in a state of readiness free of preconceptions – present to respond to the new – free to see afresh and focus properly. It’s practical, it makes sense.

Two common impediments, conditions of mind, to individual creativity are these : I’m not very creat… Or : I can’t … When the truth is I can give these up and allow for the possibility for the creativity to flower in – it just takes time.

It’s that simple, but requires practise for the benefits to be fully realised. In my experience relaxation and meditation is foundational and the quickest way through to realising my creative potential.

And I’m ‘talking’ from my own experience …


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Ok. A few shots from me from Macro Day Two – see forum and I trust from a few others as they are ready. I didn’t take many shots this day but may post a few later anyway.

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