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Macro Walkabout …

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Of course macro is fun and interesting and I get to meet people I otherwise wouldn’t but it’s not the most important thing I’m doing right now. Something else comes first.


The first two pictures are from the garden before Andrew arrived and the rest are from the surrounds of the local water treatment plant, bordering remnant rainforest and extensive mangrove swamp. On the edge of the wilds you could say.

There were more creatures to be found in a couple hours than I had thought possible given the wild weather we have been getting lately, so wet and windy. But that’s nature, you never know what amazing little form of life is coming up next.

These are all native insects that have a function in the essential nature on our doorstep. The nature can’t do without them and we can’t do without it, we are it.

01-P1090081_filtered Mark Berkery

Native bee foraging in the flower and keeping out of the wind for a while.

02-P1090100_filtered Mark Berkery

Patterned Flower Beetle looking for somewhere safe. I helped her to a flower where she loved some nectar.

03-P1090155_filtered Mark Berkery

Botany Bay Weevil sitting out the storm and unconcerned by the flash.

04-P1090162_filtered Mark Berkery

Little Red Beetle and Plant Hopper passing.

05-P1090166_filtered Mark Berkery

Passed … There’s fire in those eyes.

06-P1090180_filtered Mark Berkery

Assassin Bug, a juvenile I believe. Hunters all …

07-P1090186_filtered Mark Berkery

Bug on a Seedpod.

08-P1090210_filtered Mark Berkery

An older version perhaps, on an older Seedpod.

09-P1090225_filtered Mark Berkery

Jewel Bug against the sky. Lively little things.

10-P1090231_filtered Mark Berkery

Sandpaper Fig Beetle found only on the Sandpaper Fig tree.

11-P1090245_filtered Mark Berkery

Tiny Black Jumping Spider. Excitable little fellow, he’s a male.

12-P1090251_filtered Mark Berkery

Golden Spiny Ant, a Queen I believe. You can see where her wings have recently dropped from.

13-P1090275_filtered Mark Berkery

Colourful Leaf Beetle taking its time …

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And Then There Were …

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P1080489_filtered Mark Berkery-001

P1070660_filtered Mark Berkery-001

P1070524_filtered Mark Berkery-001

P1070533_filtered Mark Berkery-001

P1080985_filtered Mark Berkery-001

The Botany Bay Weevil didn’t notice Xmas coming and going. It was all just time passing, the sun rose and set and in between they did what they do.

Feeding, flying, f…… and posing for photos when the cameraman comes along. Can’t keep a good weevil down. But no, no personality involved at all, of the Weevils.

To capture two together is a rare event, signifying … only that they do …

That’s the fact.

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The Three Hombres …

The Three Hombres … A post here wouldn’t be complete without pictures.

Some of the latest visitors to the garden, a trio of beetles on the pink Crucifix Orchid. They aren’t found anywhere else in the garden, that I can reach.

It just shows, there is a place and time for everything. In the garden, or the field, there are tides of things, living and dead, the coming and the going of the forms of life.

Within the tides there are eddies and currents, splashes and sprays. It’s a wonderful thing, not knowing what’s coming on the next wave.

Out of the mystery she flows …

P1080100_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080080_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080073_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080186_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080154_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080109_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080222_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080219_filtered Mark Berkery

P1080252_filtered Mark Berkery

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Gypsy Spider …

She’s back … At the beginning of September this year I went out into the garden to have a look around, it was near enough 1.00am. There hadn’t been much to shoot and it occurred to me to take the camera with me, not unusual that.

And there she was, the first place I looked, sitting in meditative pose atop a small daisy bud. A tiny ghost spider, bright against the dark of the night.

P1020066_filtered Mark Berkery

Since then she has come and gone across the garden, from daisy to butterfly bush to sunflower, chia, coneflower and round again. Through torrential rain, baking sun and howling winds …

P1070912_filtered Mark Berkery

Every time I see her she has grown, and every now and then I come across pockets of young crab spiders, some hers I suspect. Some numbers dead in a tray under one of the bee hotels.

P1070384_filtered Mark Berkery

Currently she is resident on the yellow butterfly bush, one leg missing and bolder than ever – age and experience showing. She lets me get very close now without much sign of alarm or resistance.

P1060819_filtered Mark Berkery

I trust she lives a while longer, fulfilling her purpose of nature’s intelligent instinctive desire, albeit unconsciously, and we will meet again in the garden.

P1050959_filtered Mark Berkery-001

All the good is in the garden, or the garden is all the good, an other time and place … inside.

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What A Feast …

P1050411_filtered Mark Berkery

P1050892_filtered Mark Berkery

P1060055_filtered Mark Berkery

P1060650_filtered Mark Berkery

P1060344_filtered Mark Berkery

… the garden is. In more ways than one, I know.

To the senses a delight, of colour and form, scent and texture. Then just a little closer and …

… nature knows no pity, no sentimentality, just survival and reproduction. Only the fittest, the fastest, the craftiest endure.

And the wild formless intelligence behind it cannot be denied, while no thing, no body, lasts longer than its time.

I had a dream … that turned out to be a nightmare.

Now I don’t dream any more.

And the dream goes on.

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