Nature's Place



Yellow Lynx on aromatic lavender against a blue sky. The sense of it …

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A rarity, the sun went in and this little beauty was caught out. Without the heat she had to sleep.


The garden Fly after the rain, perched safely for the night on a closed daisy.


Crucifix Beetle is back, after a few months absence. A little shy at first but soon settled for the shot.


Long legged Weevil, on lemon world with orange moon behind.


Click-beetle, big eyes to see with, for the darkness they are active in.

Blue white … the colour of mind with nothing in it, nothing to understand anyway – doesn’t give up easy.

The shifting forms of nature after a day in the garden, rising as vines untwine and blossoms unfold, but inside.

Then there are the creatures that live on them, the forms as shape and colour, sound and position, outside.

A delightful smorgasbord of sense, represented for the pleasure of it.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look