Nature's Place

The Collected Works …

Proud little moth, sitting on a blue car reflected. A golden cloak of scaled wings, antennae laid back, snub nose, big eyes.

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A long bug against blue sky through the trees, maybe pregnant. In between actions, being. A place to lay …

Wary fly looking down from power pole with mate on other end of him/her. Power lines are above ground in Oz.

Cockroach, of an abundant tribe, at rest on the wire. Tough as they are the geckos and ants make short work of them.

Baby gecko waiting under the night light for an accidental meal, almost certainly. Way to grow …

Mature fly, enough to die. Found on its back on the ground. A stick to its flailing legs and up it came once more. Lazarus fly …

Tiny weevil casting about after landing on a strange world of old dried out plum on a stick. Finding its way.

of nature. Well, a few anyway, those that are presented. Forms of life to be in wonder of, the colours, the shapes, the look.

There is always something interesting to see in nature. It’s interesting because it’s our nature, not really apart as it seems.

It provides a reflection of sorts, if we can see through our own mind made stuff, thought and emotion.

To the fact of things. There’s no problem in nature, a mirror to simple practical being.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look