Nature's Place

Not Another Dozen …

spiders and flies.

Female ambush spider – don’t make a web as spiders are commonly understood to. Waiting for something to come within reach.

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Garden fly, or kitchen … Unsuspecting, because they don’t have a suspicious mind. Enjoying the pure sense of a flower head.

Another ambush spider casting or waiting in the night. Clearly uses its silk, or re-uses it. Naturally conservative.

Chia seed heads as bed for the night. A favourite of the garden fly of late. Drier and warmer than most live ‘homes’ these colder nights.

Another of those orb weavers tucked up in the greenery. Almost spiky cute and deadly dangerous to anything in its web, night or day.

Bearded bluebottle – making it up as I go. Caught napping one warm afternoon. Amazing little flyers. Zoom … round the garden.

Butterfly bush, home to so many in its season. This ambusher lived from pinhead size to half inch span, maybe longer. What a journey.

Those chia lovers again, in tandem for the night. Someone’s always got to go first. My hand in the background making light.

Definitely casting this time, maybe. Letting the silk take it where it will on a dark night. Perpetual wanderers all … nomadic.

A pretty picture of one of nature’s little fly robots on a flower robot. We’re all robots, predictable, and then something else …

Male lynx looking after the nest until the young hatch. How’s that for paternal instinct … not an unusual occurrence in nature.

Some creatures just shouldn’t mix socially with others. Life can be unpredictable, predictably so. Death for one is life for another.

The fly struggles to the last, and then …

Everybody has to die sometime, somehow.

And if there’s a choice best to do it properly …

… with a will, anew and anew and anew ….

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look