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Flowers Of Winter …

our sub tropical Brisbane winter. With the gardens colours for background, naturally.

Found years ago in the remnant rainforest and now, from a few seeds, populates the shadowed corners of the garden.

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Three of these bought as seedlings last year and still hanging on with a few flowers, sheltered by other plants from the cold night sky.

Impending bloom, believed to be from South Africa. Adds colour to the winter garden.

Never one for formality I rarely remember names of things so I won’t try. Another impending bloom.

This one flowers all year round. If something really needs a feed this one is always available and willing. As nature does.

Since I keep the garden watered many otherwise invisible plants appear. This is the flower of a succulent that grows from Autumn.

Nibbled. Another of the three from last year. African tulip tree in flower behind with blue sky through darkened branches.

Most flowers come to the garden as experiments by way of seed from plants found in the wild.

I often don’t know what’s going to grow where in a garden that was once coastal wetland forest.

A wonderfully wild and beautiful nature.


Lost a day this week … can’t find it anywhere.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look