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Better Late …

than never. So the saying goes.

Mantis, preying Mantis. Praying for relief perhaps. From the ants that were harassing it.

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It was just hanging on to the tree trunk, jumping this way and that in response to the irritation of ants.

Ants that would be the death of it, if it stayed still for long enough. And so it was, jittery … to say the least.

Always looking for the informative angle, to display the brilliance, of design and form. We don’t ‘just happen’.

And after a while evading the ubiquitous ant she dropped from the tree, to more dangerous ground.

Why didn’t she fly away? I couldn’t see … I picker her up, for her safety and for a few shots of this little wonder.

Co-operative enough … she still wasn’t happy about her situation, however she perceived it. A lingering impression of ‘ant’ perhaps.

But no PTSD here, that I could discern, just the will to go on, as a Mantis, preying …

Preying still … I moved her to different surfaces for a few shots. I couldn’t just leave her to the ants.

And, little beauty, she posed a while … But why didn’t she fly away, I couldn’t tell. It didn’t make sense.

Often a creature will let me take a few shots and be away on the wing, but not lady Mantis, not this day.

A mystery … a beauty, to the eye that sees. Just wouldn’t want to be her next meal, as if that could be.

And one last from the side, maybe she’ll raise herself up for all to see her wonder … but not to be, this time.

When I got home and had a look I could see … her wings are held together with some kind of webbing that has some dark spots in it. Been parasitised perhaps …

That accounted for her inability to fly, her greatest danger. And so I left her, in what I thought a safe place. But on return the ants had found her, and were many. I rescued her again and took her home to die in peace and quiet … in such a dangerous world.

Between one thing and another this post got put off.

But is there such a thing as ‘late’?

Only if it’s personalised.

And it’s not personal.

It’s just the way it is.

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They rained down from the leaves above, one stormy night.

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All I had to do was get out and look for them in the shadows of the garden.

A torch helps to find them, then it’s time to employ the gear and technique.

They were all over the place, different situations and varied colouring.

All with a single purpose, to live and reproduce. That’s nature …

In the dark of night they sought out the higher ground, or what presented as such.

Walking a tightrope some, a precarious existence, but never a sign of distress.

Signs of life though, a certain excitation on the end of an crucifix orchid.

Or the end of a stick, nowhere else to go but onward. To inevitability …

Or to a view of the jacaranda flowers that also fell in the wind of the night.

A spent dandelion is a good place to wait out the darkness, until the sun comes up.

Meanwhile, there’s things to do, mates to meet. Purpose to fill …

It’s a small world sensed by a beetle on my finger, vibrations of another form.

Some with the enhancement of colour by the lens of water. Raindrops to wear …

And time for a break …

There’s a tree in the garden where these beetles live their lives, at least for mating purposes – food to eat.

It’s a new tree, only been growing a couple years. And they aren’t found anywhere else around here.

Other plants in the garden have a similar function, only hosting a certain kind of creature.

It makes sense, one kind of creature for one kind of plant for a certain time or season.

Everything has its time and place, given the conditions it needs to initiate.

But space first and last, or nothing can begin or end.

Here am I, there and everywhere.

Keeping the genie in the bottle.

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Frogs …

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from around the pool.

Back in Brisbane nearly two weeks and there isn’t much native to shoot.

It’s been dry here, more or less, and it shows in there are few creatures in the garden.

But things change, that’s the nature of nature. The only thing predictable about it is it grows and changes or dies.

And grows again … but I think I will have to add the water that makes things move, inside, to boost a start.

To capture the best of it I need to be ever vigilant, in the garden, where life rises as this and that.


Spoke too soon, it’s been raining for a day and the beetles were just waiting for it and they are out in their hundreds … many.

So there will be visual entertainment for next week, unless the sky falls in … who knows.

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Heir Apparent …

First of all, an open invitation. That means it’s open to anyone, regardless of … anything.

Is anybody interested in meeting up for time out doing macro in the nature? I know my own locality but others can be considered.

I got a van recently, at present it has seating for 5 and loads of space for any gear. It’s on its way to being a camper, maybe, a work in progress.

The idea is to go somewhere natural, near water and bush/garden, for early morning shooting, as the sun comes up, before it gets too hot.

Afternoons are good too, you just have to be better prepared, and to start out into the night which can be as good but different.

It’s an idea, if anyone is interested or has a suggestion comment here or click Contact, for email.


The first egg, of many to come, unless the nest is destroyed. It’s what people do in fear and lacking understanding, not to mention the care it takes to avoid disturbing a nest of this kind, situated as it is and in proximity to people.

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She can be dangerous, fierce in her protection of the nest, with a sting she’s famous for. But not so careless as to throw away her life without cause. And so is the window for mutual respect, due care and attention to her needs.

After using a small 12″ laptop for 5 weeks I really appreciate these pictures on a bigger 24″ screen. So much better, more detailed, and easier on these old eyes. If you are on a small screen see them on a bigger one, even the TV.

From three cells to four, future development in mind, she builds her castle a room at a time. She uses her antennae to listen to her egg developing. I’m sure she can hear things we can’t. And isn’t she photogenic, against a clear background.

Day and night she climbs all over the nest, checking for any flaws in the structure or signs of invasion by other creatures that would take advantage of her work. Watching out for the health of the egg. Such is nature, ever vigilant.

Here she is laying the second egg. It’s as close as I could get without risk of disturbing her or the nest, and that wouldn’t do for my photogenic friend. I would have her survive the season without having to move home mid-birth.

After a short while photographing her she got used to me and no longer made those staccato dancing moves that indicate she is on the verge of alarm. If I had stayed longer she would have come to accept me as part of her nature and so would the offspring, though still wild, make no mistake. Some of the best safaris happen in the garden.

Not long after I got to Pomona, my house sitting gig, I noticed this queen paper wasp nesting in an out of the way place. So I observed her a while.

Over the weeks I was there the nest grew slowly from three cells to five. So she was preparing for the future, a castle for her little dynasty.

I didn’t see her come and go, to gather the materials for the building. In fact I thought she was conserving herself, for the first egg to grow.

Obviously she had other designs in her mind. Her young would develop, the first would help with the next, and so on until …

Some would take off and start the process somewhere else, and on it goes. That’s nature, never ending, always burgeoning.

No matter what we do to the earth, and we are doing more than can be told, she will survive. But things will change.

And ‘adapt or die’ will echo through the psyche, as it has down the ages. Forms come and go, life goes on.

No point in lamenting the past. It takes pain for Man to change, unfortunately, or not.

So it is we develop in time, until time’s up.

Maybe it’s all just apparent.

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Giant Flea?

Posted in Insects by Mark on 02/10/2018

Or bug bounty … got home to these creatures dead and dying on my regular path beneath the house in Bris. I can’t find a likely source, they are around 100 and grouped in a rough disc in the middle of the path with no trail back to anywhere I can see, and they don’t seem to have come from the house above. They jump like fleas too, and between 10 and 15mm long – roughly.

Does anyone know what they are, and what their likely source could be?

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