Nature's Place

Recovery …

This is what a near drowned wasp (or bee) looks like, just about done in.

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The water is cold and salty, I have seen creatures that live in and on it too.

Recovery on the way, sitting a while to gather strength. A little mite sees an opportunity.

There have been a few of these creatures recovered from the pond the last few weeks.

So far none have failed to take to the skies after a short time sitting still and drying out.

Time for a few pictures, I’m sure they don’t mind. In their state of shock I’m sure they don’t notice.

Other ‘things’ occupying their tiny mind, like the sensation of being alive. Having a scratch, that mite?

You can tell by the look of it how it’s doing, relative to how it was doing. Looking good to go …

There seems no end to the creatures that will fall into the pool.
Some are lucky to be found before exhaustion overtakes them.
They have a short time to continue to live out their little lives.
A short time is all we are here anyway.
Making the short climb out.
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Endeavour …

A little green on reflected cloudy blue sky, water. Struggling to keep above and breathing. I lent a stick.

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And on the edge of this life’s scene sits frog, waiting for a juicy green meal. If one comes his way, but maybe not today.

No, not this one, this time … she still has water on her chin and holding down one antennae, but she’s on the way.

Ever attentive frog, never knowing where or when the next meal, or mate, may be. But follow the signs, there be …

… and there it be, if only we could see. And off she goes, antennae untangled, gait picking up a pace, striding out.

And the ever vigilant frog, sees much by sitting still. But green beetle is not for frog this day, not today o lord.

Today is time to climb the peaks, see what’s to be seen above and beyond. If there’s anything there at all …

And frog doesn’t give up either, in his way. Frogs way is not the way of green beetle, different and the same.

Different peaks, same climb … to live and die and evolve, just may be … and nothing to see actually looks beautiful, blue.

But what’s this, another frog … is there any respite from frog, for a green beetle? As long as beetle keeps climbing.

But, but, what’s this? You said … there’s danger at every turn. And you never know what direction life’s coming from.

… not the ship, the state if you like, of being behind the happening. Of never giving up, like life …
This little green beauty was struggling in the water, so I helped her out.
At first she was quiet and immobile, from the exertions of survival probably.
But it didn’t take long for her to wake up to the possibilities and recover her strength.
She was away, hither and thither, exploring her newly recovered life, on a stick.
At some point I let her away onto the greenery and she wandered off into the nature.
Then I saw it, the little tree frog, from another time, night time …
… and what’s that under the leaf she stands upon, one more battle …
… to win or lose, who knows what may be.
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Wolf …

You can just see a glistening under those huge mouth parts where this one is sucking on crushed breakfast.

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That’s probably why she didn’t run when I opened the door, he was enjoying the days first meal.

And what you’ve eaten needs to be digested, and it takes time and attention, to the sensation of things.

It’s instinctive, they don’t think about it, just feeling the physical need to sit and digest, as long as there’s no danger.

Cause some disturbance in proximity to a digesting spider and she will respond, if only with a raising of the forearms.

More often with a relocation, always ready to take flight. A rapid departure is signature, but depends on conditions.

As with all things, context is important. Express no kind of threat and spider will sit content to be spider sitting.

Demonstrate some form of aggression and you risk the same in return. Or she’ll just disappear in the blink of an eye, literally.

Spider … of another kind.
I opened the door to the garden and there it was, just outside the threshold looking in.
I don’t think the wolf spider is particularly dangerous to people but I can understand why people fear them, and fear spiders in general.
Having seen so many of their kind in action, hunting is primarily what spiders are known for, so fast and deadly, their prey usually end in a massive toxic shock.
Not this time however, there was no prey in sight, I was not it. Though it did appear to be waiting to come in the house, and raised its front legs in defense when I sought to move it from danger.
It was that close to the door and being crushed by it closing. Out of the way on the upturned sole of a shoe was another matter. He, or she, sat a while as I sought a few angles to do the subject visual justice.
Nature, in all its forms, inside and out, is not always an easy encounter for us who are so removed from it by our civilized ways of being.
But as with most things, a little practice of being in the sense of things helps with the difficulty of being in the mind of things.
The sense of a thing, it’s actual characteristics, has no psychological component.
Unless we then attribute such by thinking about it.
Thought and sense, different modes of being.
And then there is another sense …
… of something simply good.
© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look

Hidden Jewel …

A very handy tool, the walking/monopod stick. This little thing doesn’t think how lucky she is. A hint of the colour to come.

She just does what she is moved to in the circumstance of being cold and wet. Dry off and warm up.

And so she goes, stretching out those wings, wiping down antennae, what it ‘feels’ it is to do.

For a little variety she wandered off to a nearby leaf and climbed out on the stem, a little exercise.

Showing off her colours, hidden jewel of blue behind the wings and shields to a dangerous world.

Not undamaged, she has lost a leg and chipped a shields edge – see earlier pictures – but undaunted.

My dauntless nature, upside down, out on a limb, no concern beyond the immediacy of being what she is.

A wonderful little creature, of colour and form, of function and action. Broken legs can’t keep her down.

Not today darling, maybe another … And she spread her wings, took to the air and on her way.

A windy day and there’s bound to be something struggling to survive in the swimming pool.
Nature is full of accidents, things or damage happening to creatures and things they wouldn’t go looking for.
This ones accident is my luck, and lucky for this one I was around. Lucky all round today then.
Sometimes you have to go fishing to catch a fish. Or digging to find a jewel.
It’s a metaphor. Hmmm …
© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look