Nature's Place


A fly rests through the night, unless disturbed.

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Interesting colours and design. Lost an antennae in the maelstrom …

Little jewel shining in the sun. A horseshoe beetle I think.

From the other end. Active little things, living to be done.

Where there’s water, and greenery … a snail will come.

Longhorn beetle … they come in a variety of forms.

Spider of course. Waiting as they do … for the inevitable.

Fly in the garden at night. They like flowers too.

Lynx spider, prowling the butterfly bush.

Drone fly, not many this year. Few presenting for the lens.

The huntsman of the lower skies. Consummate killer …

Click Beetle, carrying a load …

There seems no end to it … variety, activity.

And it all appears in the encompassing space.


Which am I, what I see, or the space I see it in …

Or something else, nothing maybe … nothing to see.

Through the sense of it, sensation.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look