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Wild Fly

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  1. Lissa Clayton said, on 30/03/2019 at 8:21 am

    What a wonderful little being. I have to wonder how well all those tiny spikes protect it from predators. Perhaps from other tiny predators. Nature wouldn’t have evolved them without them being of some use.

    • Mark said, on 31/03/2019 at 11:43 am

      I’m sure their various design characteristics serve them well enough in their environment, as do ours. If one was to become invincible that would be the end of the rest of us. Just as well we all have a built in use by date, just in case.

      • Lissa Clayton said, on 31/03/2019 at 6:41 pm

        For sure.

  2. Reflections of an Untidy Mind said, on 29/03/2019 at 2:47 pm

    Such a cutie, especially the feet. We’ve seen a few like that in the garden over the summer.

    • Mark said, on 29/03/2019 at 9:53 pm

      Yes, it obviously does some serious footwork.

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