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7 Flies …

Robber fly, robber of life. For it’s precise aerial performance in catching and dispatching its prey. A quick jab, usually to the back of the head.

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Picture wing fly, maybe … not sure. Usually found where soft fruit is rotting from their tender affections.

Bearded blue fly, often found at rest around the garden. Next door has a dog they don’t clean up after, they are beauties anyway.

Only found hanging around the blue banded bee nest site, so far. A young fly of another more commonly seen kind, perhaps.

This kind maybe? When a fly is allowed to grow to maturity, often only in the ‘wild’ – ironically – they develop characteristics, of form and colour and bearing, apparent to the eye that sees.

A hoverfly, I think. Golden to the first sight, and precise colouring of the eye. Sometimes the only function is a little beauty.

A bee fly, maybe. I’m no expert at naming … They do love their nectar, with a long proboscis to extract it more easily.

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