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Ant Days

Taking a breather on a hotter than usual day. One of the bigger ants that guard the train of smaller ones.

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Antennae curling in the heat perhaps … it only looks that way. But who’s to say, could be old age. Who’s to say …

Ant being ant, undaunted by its unending task, to live and work and die an ant. Robust little thing, no worries too.

Except maybe this little worrier, or is that warrior … Who also patrols the trains of ants. … Watch out ant, watch out spider.

On a huge power pole in the nearby bush ants can be seen travelling up and down in an almost endless procession.

There are different size ants, the larger the fewer, and it seems the big ones look out for the little ones.

Distinctly guard-like, keeping the tiny black jumping spiders at bay perhaps.

I have seen the spiders take a smaller ant from the train.

Nature, it looks messy but it’s all in order.

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