Nature's Place


No surprise to see what comes, it being the only ‘wet’ garden hereabouts. Oasis in an urban desert where people still cut down trees and rip out mature bushes – habitat and food sources.

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The ‘season’ so far is hot and dry and summer has only just begun. Bushfires already in full swing, affected people doing their best with it.

I am inclined to make room for any creatures that appear but there are conditions in a small finite space. … All must abide if it’s to survive.

These guys idea of gardening is to eat everything. Needless to say, this can’t be allowed without regular checks.

The garden is for every creature that fits in it, none are allowed to destroy or monopolise resources.

Though all can have a piece for a time, and some ‘management’ occurs, it is largely left to run.

And so it unfolds, not unlike a flowers petals open to the sun, as time passes.

It all happens in time, everything in its place, a containable space.

Perspective means nothing runs amok … for long.

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