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I Spy

As I was passing the Blue Banded Bee hotel I saw this on the wooden base below. A dead fly with no ants in attendance. And knew from experience what it signified.

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Means there was nothing of it left to eat, or the ants surely would … A jumping spider I saw the day before had already extracted any nourishment, here with a new meal.

Change the approach angle slightly, keeping spider eyes the centre of attention, to get more of the scene in focus. You never know what you’ve got until it’s done.

Another angle, another opportunity to investigate spider eating fly. The small hole, about 4mm diameter, probably home to something else.

After the spider was done s/he was energetic enough to go in search of new pastures, probably looking for a mate. As all things do in time, separate and apart. … Such is life, or living.

I keep an eye on the Blue Banded Bee hotels in case of invasion by undesirables, like the fly.

But who’s to say the fly is not good for the ecology of the BBB’s nest site. Not me …

So I largely leave them be, or chase them off if I think they are too many for comfort.

They harass the BBB’s as they approach the nest and I’m not sure what they are up to.

Parasitising the BBB, or playing tag, or who knows … I sometimes intervene.

The fly is subject to a higher authority.

Aren’t we all …

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