Nature's Place

Plague Warrior

Sitting still a while, scoping out her territory. Danger as well as opportunity presents.

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Her favourite diet is ant, large black ones that climb endlessly up and down the power pole.

Alert to the shading of her by my rig, she inspects it from afar – afar to a 1cm long jumping spider.

She lives much of her life in the open on a 10m tall pole that was once a tree, in sunshine or shade.

Wherever the best chance of survival presents, there she’ll be. Chasing down her food, avoiding trouble as she can.

On the thick green power pole by the water treatment plant a warrior does live.

Her daily habit is to patrol up and down, for big ants to eat, while avoiding the tiny ones.

The big ants can be bitten but the small evade her and are tenacious when they get a grip.

She could see the tiny ones coming, in their rapid and erratic apparently aimless runaround.

And was careful to avoid them, jumping this way and that in her effort to stay ahead of trouble.

Trouble, what comes to everybody some time until we learn its nature and get ahead of it.

The natural things have advantage, they don’t confuse the fact with thinking or emotion.

Spiders don’t do it (think) instinctively, never consciously.

And the impossible is always a possibility.

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