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The Face …

She was about 8 inches long so I settled for the most intelligent aspect of any creature, the face.

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In the face can be found the primary characteristics of any being. Seeing them/it is the job.

And the job is to negate what gets in the way of seeing what is, the movie pictures of mind.

I was at the waterfront to see the stars while enjoying a walk in the night and was about to leave when a giant stick insect from the trees on the hill above landed on my windscreen.

I didn’t want it to die in the car park so in order to protect it and get a few shots I drove it home, carefully so as not to dislodge it, slowly as it hung on in the wind.

When I got home I loosened it from its grip on the wiper blade and put it on the roof of the car where it wandered a while before I handed it off to a tree.

It was happy to climb on the green, most creatures are happy to get back to their nature.

Maybe because there’s no problem in nature, only in the thinking mind.

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