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Come into my arms … said the spider to the … bee, or whatever edible unlucky enough to come along.

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Such a lovely coloured flower … will give pollen to fortify and nectar to speed you on your way. … Spider’s gotta eat too.

A magnificent beast … free of any impatience, or willfulness … simply waiting with a sense of being, hungry or to reproduce …

And every now and then she gets up and wanders around her home in the mauve flowering. Being what she is, seeing what she sees.

Always with a touch to her early warning system, trip threads. … A flower, wonderful little home for a crab spider.

This crab spider has family all over this land, little clones of each other, appearing to my un-spider eyes.

After the struggle to survive the summer they are now mature at this time of year and take advantage of the native flowering.

Also called flower spiders, because they make great bases from which to attract a mate and feed, sitting waiting for an unlucky bee.

Ambush preying is a way of life for these little forms of life, they can’t help it, it’s their nature, instinctively.


We do it too, prey, ambush, for some personal advantage perceived. Calculated … Instinctive nature made self conscious.

We people are lucky though, you could say, having potential to see beyond the instinctive.

Through the self made conscious. To the divine … or to divine purpose.

But purpose is not for the herd, an other instinctive manifestation.

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