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Bee Hotel …

This parasitic wasp was noticed sitting on the old Blue Banded Bee hotel, listening … for what may be.

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Listening … to what the surrounding structure and landscape was saying, the masked bee moved in.

Moving from entrance to entrance, each one separate as the BBB are a solitary bee, not hive minded – somewhat individual.

All can be seen to exercise caution, at least testing for recognition to ensure integrity to process – don’t want to finish another’s nest.

Others just testing for a suitable repository for her as yet unborn young. All things intelligent in their own ways, all things driven to reproduce.

The dark cool of the mud brick interior a suitable place for new life to begin its journey out.

not any more. Made for the Blue Banded Bee a few years ago, this hotel, they only really used it for one.

Last year a few still nested there but this year none so far, but nothing good goes to waste.

This year a swarm? – don’t know if they can be called that as they are not a hive (mind) creature.

But this year the masked bee turned up in numbers, followed by the parasitic wasp.

I will watch as everything runs its course, inside and out … maybe get a few pictures.

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