Nature's Place


Fruit fly mating on the pawpaw tree leaf stem.

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There is no privacy in the macro world, always someone peeping it seems.

Some kind of cockroach I think. Sleek, designed for getting under and between.

And functionally handsome … in a way, the way of seeing, and not thinking.

Blue Tongue Lizard nibbling on breakfast banana throwaways in the garden. Moving house I moved its house and now it’s homeless, at least moved on. For now, it’s all now, not then …

Hmmm, can’t remember. Some kind of bug drinking from the juice of a hibiscus flower bud.

Butterfly at rest. These ones come from the caterpillars that love the native crocus.

At rest again … Needs rest.

Time for a little rest, or little time for rest. Which is it …

Neither, it is what it is. I am what I am.

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