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Assassin – Born Again

Raised up on the trusty stick with many uses. Soaked to the eyeballs but eager to rise again. A little unsteady at first.

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Time for a few shots before s/he gets going again. Nudged in a dryer direction, on life support. Me and my stick …

Renewed enough to start grooming, after being delivered to the flowering butterfly bush. Gently …

There’s little to do but wait to dry out a bit. The wind helped. And gather ones focus, on being a fly …

An Assassin Fly. King or queen of its kind. Master of the air and all below it in the hierarchy of form.

After a while the orange, staked for another form, served to display the Assassins form.

An aerial shot, as the Assassin would see its prey perhaps. Plenty to hold onto, should another Assassin attack from above.

The way they do … Getting into its exercises now, bringing life back to limb and wing.

Manipulated somewhat for the flower in the background. Context is everything. Well, it’s important to the best appearance of form and things.

And a little prayer for the very good luck that saved its neck, this time. Life moves on, death follows …

One is the other, really. Inseparable, one from the other. Where to draw the line … This one dry and ready to fly again. Not yet dead.

At days end the wind was blowing mightily. A good time to check the water’s surface for fallen creatures.

Thought I was just removing debris fallen from the surrounding trees but this little one jumped out.

An Assassin or Robber fly, so called for their capture and kill skills on the wing. Superb control.

With strong flight control, the legs are spiked to form the catcher basket in air.

The proboscis delivers the ‘coup de gras’, usually to the back of the head.

This one was lucky to survive, to live and kill another day.

Such is life …

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