Nature's Place

Into Winter’s Cold

Master of all he surveys, below.

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Food foraging … As above, so …

Meetings along the byways on the orange crucifix orchid.

The observed observing … alert to sound and movement.

A place for everyone on these mighty orchids.

They do a lot of sitting and waiting, these frogs.

These beetles do a lot of eating, on the pink crucifix orchid.

At the ready, ready to jump for dinner.

Dinner … who knows. She lost a claw, and gained a headdress.

Green tree frogs are making themselves at home, amongst the crucifix orchids where beetles and their larva roam. Along with some others.

Plenty for all to eat it seems, to keep them coming back, for now. But everything’s always changing, never the same for long.

We have just passed into winter in the southern hemisphere, from humid drenching rain to cold dry windy days.

The sun seems suddenly to have fallen in the sky so not much shine for those that need it.

Everything adjusts, or dies, we do. Nature is a reflection that way, and any way really.

Except there’s no problem in nature, none.

Just changes passing, passing now.

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