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Frog Hunt …

Hmmm, what’s this I see. Rather deadly to me. Better keep still a while or I might no longer be.

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A huntsman spider, probably female, hanging motionless – swaying, apparently lifeless – above something dark beneath.

Ooh, that looks dangerous. I’ll just tuck in here a while. Hope my mates have the good sense to stay out of this one’s way.

Something tethered beneath, a last breath, a final struggle against the bonds of inevitability.

I see said the frog, who could probably see very well indeed. Well enough to know not to go that way, this time.

Yes, cockroach, caught out by her need to constantly move. Which at other times would serve her well, but the huntsman hunts by that very need – of others to move, across her carefully laid trip threads. She feels them …

The frog hunts differently, by sitting still enough to see in the dark with their big eyes anything that moves. Each hunter has its ways. The frog’s way is probably less dramatic but equally poised.

The ‘coup de grace’. Until this the spider was hanging there apparently lifeless, swaying in the breeze, maybe exhausted from the cold with little to eat, gathering her energy to extract the life from her prey.

And nobody noticed this snail, going about its grazing in the dead of night. No hunter this one.

Hunter or hunted, there is more to the story unfolding on the crucifix orchid in the dead of Brisbane’s winter.

It gets too cold for the frogs to come out some nights, but I check the crucifix orchids regularly anyway – gotta do what we enjoy.

On some nights I had been seeing other creatures, snails and recently one black cockroach. And occasionally signs of Huntsman spiders, cast off skin for instance, and this night found one feeding.

Looks like a cockroach, The cockroach perhaps. Unlucky creature, or unprepared – the huntsman senses its prey by its movement, and frogs don’t move like the cockroach.

I’ll be back … said the spider to the frog.

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