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I know, feet not included. :-) … This a Stone Curlew mum and her chick, local inhabitants in the Redlands, near (enough) the water.

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Waking up can be hard to do. A struggle until the art is perfected, by practise. But mum’s about to help as necessary.

They are not shy birds, nor are they domesticated. Independent creatures that keep much to themselves, even when living outside the kitchen window.

Getting closer … But always wary of danger to the chick. Raucous in their protest if they perceive their space is intruded upon.

Closer still, or I just zoomed in a bit more … The adult male stands about 2 feet tall. Wouldn’t risk that beak at close quarters. Nor would he, unless he had to.

I know that’s the name of a delicious fruit but it also describes the weather we have been having in SE Brisbane for a while. Mild warm days and cool nights with enough rainfall in the dark hours to keep everything green and growing.

The frogs and cicadas sing out every evening at dusk, especially with a little rain. The flowers are blooming all around. Bees and bugs, butterflies and birds are all frequent visitors to the garden.

It’s a nice time to be free of encumbrances, but who’s to say what is one of those, or what is not. It’s a relative existence.


What is is the way it is, for now. Until it changes, then that’s what is. And it’s always now, here, felt in the body’s space.

A dream of healing. A body, caterpillar-like you could say, turns into something else.

Felt deep down, may come to pass.

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