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The eyes have it.

And the ears.

As I got out of the car I noticed movement in the grass about 20m away. As I looked to see what it was it stopped still and slowly sank to the ground as, I suspect, it registered eyes on it.

Water dragon, much like the last one only smaller, winter time thinner. But just as placid, made no move to run, no suggestion of attack. Up close s/he was positively relaxed.

Male or female, it doesn’t really matter to the sense of things. Only in consideration of other matters that really don’t matter here.

The fact is it is a wild, savage creature. Surviving on the edge of civilization and behaving with instinctive integrity, being.

All creatures have it, the absence of that self-consciousness that signifies ‘trouble’ in people – an emotional cunning.

It’s what attracts us to nature, the innocence, an honest engagement with natural intelligence in uncivilized form.

You always know where you stand with nature, no double think.

No thinking at all.

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Dragon Salad


Mmmm, greens …

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Didn’t have the gear for a full body shot, about 50cm long, tip to tail.


Full head shot, including the ear on left, and armour behind it.


Eye spy, from 2 inches away. She didn’t mind, though I was ready to withdraw my hand the camera was first in line.


The other eye, left side, down where the turkeys went.


Ear armour, not to be taken lightly by a would-be attacker – dogs for instance, or turkeys.


Belly armour, from the side.


Belly armour from above.


Hind leg, she is well protected.


Manicure madam? Where we get our sci-fi creatures from …


Tip of the tail, modular structure, dispensable.

My eye was on the two bush turkeys running ahead, disturbed by my approaching form. So I nearly missed the dragon sitting motionless at my feet.

The afternoon sun was hot at my back and the area sheltered by trees from any wind, great spot for a cold blooded animal to warm up.

She sat on the dry track, still and unmoved – not a flicker of recognition I was there – with a little greenery hanging out her mouth.

We are just moving into late spring/early summer proper and the cold creatures are waking up to a new year.

The season is picking up a pace, though still cool enough from winter’s recess to enjoy the contrast.

One of the simple pleasures of being alive in nature, the sense of it, in the space of it.

© Mark Berkery ……. Click on those pictures for a closer look