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Preyer On Blue

Preying Mantis, on the blue flowered butterfly bush. Doing what preyers do … sitting, waiting, attacking at opportunity. Preying …

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She doesn’t move much, unnecessarily. But when she does, towards prey, she is very fast. And often, her prey is faster than she is. Such is life …

Inspecting her reflection in the lens a few inches away? Maybe, maybe not, but she is certainly aware I (whatever presents in her perception or sense as ‘I’) am present.

She got used to me quick enough, was able to photograph her from a few inches and pick her up with ease.

Hello beauty, time to bow out of this conversation. Preyer on blue, and the observer unseen.

And on to the next event, the next necessity. … What we do. Us preyers, and prayers.

On the blue butterfly bush, where she sits and waits for what sustains her in her instinctive purpose, to live and live again.

She is one of the first to appear in the garden, so when the flowers are spent on one butterfly bush I give her a lift to the next.

What else visits the flowers takes its chances, and she is fast when she needs to be. Spiked arms flicking out to catch what comes.

But everything at that size is fast, when it comes to survival. So there’s no guarantee, of any kind, to anything.

Only death is certain, eventually. And death is just the end of the struggle to survive.

For a preyer …

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