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Night Hawk

In the shadows beneath the house, nose on top of a bees nest entrance, a Hawk Moth waiting for night.

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It looked like it might be feeding, it has a long proboscis for the purpose, strong enough to pierce.

Unmoved by my presence, I was within a couple of inches, to see the detail of her eye. A gentle little thing.

A feathery coat keeps her cool and dry, probably helps with flight too. Nature is no slouch when it comes to design.

The garden has been drying out with the recent summer heat, in spite of the daily watering.

I was not surprised to see this creature in the afternoon, clinging to the side of the bee hotel.

At first I thought it might be using its proboscis to extract nourishment from a nest it was on.

But no, it was just waiting out the bright of the day in the cool shadows, being nocturnal.

I suspect the garden is a beacon to the small life in range of sensing it.

When so few water theirs it must be positively inviting.

A little green oasis is a blessing.

Of nature, and the life behind.

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Look After …


… the little things and the big things take care of themselves. There is truth in old sayings and no less this one. If you clean your feet or teeth your body has a better chance of health than if you don’t. Check the tyre pressure and save on tyres and fuel, maybe accident.

Be careful what you think and life unfolds accordingly.

The big picture is painted with lots of dots.

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Sail On


There, what rises in the clear dark space, inside. And passes.

Death, the wanderer pervades.

Colours green and silver in the deep blue place.

Up the wispy trail it is made.

Reminders of you. My love.

Going home on broken wings.

To no where.


My Beautiful Raggedy Man.

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