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Jumping Spider

I have company today. As I sit here typing this in I am visited by a small spider about half a centimeter long. It is a vitally alive creature, vigorous in its manner.

If I approach it with a finger it stops suddenly still, alert. And if I blow on it gently it digs in and grips the plastic table top with an appearance of grim determination. When I get close enough to be an immediate danger to it the little fellow jumps about four or five centimeters away from me. If I blow him away into the forest of things on the table he just comes back, to go where no spider has gone before perhaps.

He moves swiftly across the terrain of my work table as if he knows exactly where he’s going. Maybe he does, maybe he knows the table top well. But I haven’t seen him around here before.

He’s searching for food and I reckon with all the bites I’ve been getting lately sitting at the computer at night there should be plenty around. He only has to find it.

Good luck to him. I could do with a few more spiders actively seeking out the little biters.

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