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Nothing Doing, Being Nothing


Some days are that, nothing doing. There are no creatures about, no birds or insects. Even the cats are quiet in the overall picture. No mozzies either. I have no reason to go anywhere in particular and there is nothing particular that needs doing. And nobody about. It is very quiet.

To the unprepared mind this is boredom or worse. To me it is an opportunity to be stiller. I am not my mind. I have prepared my mind for doing nothing by right meditation. It has to be said, not all meditation is right or will still the mind enough for being nothing.

Right meditation reduces the mind to the focus on the simple unmoving sensation in the body. The mind doesn’t give up easy from its habit of thinking about anything, no matter its irrelevance.

But I who see this see I am not that and the job is made simple. Return to the simple sensation of the body.

When I have done this enough the mind slows down and, eventually, the sensation disappears and I am.

I am being, nothing to the mind. Or I am being in the senses. No problem.

It is said nothing is the highest mystical truth. Well there you have it. Simple, isn’t it?

What’s all the hoo-ha about?


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  1. Mark said, on 20/02/2008 at 1:46 am

    Trouble, in my experience the spiritual life is the negation of the negativity of human thought and emotion. In the realisation of no thing there is the knowledge negativity (or unhappiness) does end. Then the realisation has to be lived, made real in my living life. I do this by being in my senses in the world as much as possible, and not in my mind. (tonight’s post is about this) And for sure that is done through some form of service.

    I endeavour to impart what has worked for me. This is my service. I have given my life to maintaining the presence of God in my life by the life I live. And passing it on to whoever can receive it. If mowing someone’s lawn or doing someone’s dishes does it for you what’s wrong with that?

    If you really like my spiels why not do what I suggest for a day, be in your senses as much as possible. (or read one to the kids, they are wise enough) Or sit for a while with your eyes closed and focus on the sensation inside and see how it goes. Do it for you. Just be easy about it. Let me know how it goes if you want.

    I don’t believe there is such a thing as ‘non spiritual’. There is only paradise in the senses or trouble in the mind. Mind is the only trouble in paradise.

  2. TroubleInParadise said, on 20/02/2008 at 12:38 am

    I really like your spiels and your photographs. However, I must express concern at the nothing doing nothing style spirituality. I see that I apply my spirit in service to those in need. Service has historically had a great place in holy living. My view is thus: “Spirituality” ie; living with spirit exists as a trinity. Reflection, knowledge and action. Spiritual action, surely, means contributing to the world in a positive way. So…..please help a single mum today! Read her kids a story, mow her lawn, do her dishes…?

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