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What’s this?MagnificentWonderfulBeautyMoth or Butterfly?


This rare beauty caught my eye today when I was having a pee out the back. So I finished up, went and got the camera and stalked it around the garden for a while until it came to rest on the beam of the veranda.

It’s not easy being in the senses!

I think it’s a moth but it could be a butterfly. I’ll have to get a book on moths and butterflies as soon as my next check comes in.

Have a close look at it. I know it’s only a picture but it’s still in sense. Have a good look and magnify it if you can. Isn’t that a real beauty? It is to me.

Magnificent beast. Look at the colours, the magical shades of blue, purple, brown and black with the star speckles white in its furry collar. The wizardry of its camouflage patterning on the outer wings.

The blue ‘horns’ tucked up at the front above the little pink mouth. The furred legs and the long ribbed antennae reaching back out of harms way.

The big eyes, looking at you. What a magnificent creature. What a beauty. Wonderful God made thing.

That’s what it means to be in the senses. Giving your attention to it until the mind no longer gets in the way, filtering out the simple good.


All copyright reserved / Mark Berkery


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