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System Failure

Rosella at Sunset

Rosella at Sunset

I got home the other afternoon and that’s what I saw on my computer screen four days before I was to give my first public talk, system failure. The modem had burnt out. I tried for a while to fix it but soon got the message; it really is dead. But it’s just the old system and in the death of the old the new is born.

I had been thinking about getting a new system anyway, mine is too old, too slow for the latest size files for uploading and processing. Then I remembered recently saying to life; “Take whatever is necessary to make me more pure.” I let it go – the modem and thoughts of fixing the system – next week is soon enough.

That’s a prayer that was once suggested to me by a man who cared enough to know the power of it, he cared enough to love. When I am sincere enough life will take whatever is necessary, whenever it is necessary.

I needed to slow down a bit, obviously. 56kbs was travelling too fast, at the time. The birds had been telling me for a week.


The birds have been crossing my path at every turn, while driving the bus or car or just walking along, slowing me down. Saying; look at me, take heed. Birds, the messengers of the gods, go anywhere, see everything birds. Beautiful characterful birds. Red, yellow and blue Rosellas, boisterous Galahs, screeching Rainbow Lorikeets, sweet and swift soft speaking House Martins, beautiful black – white eyed Crows, groups of red cheeked Finches, neon blue Tits and family, and Birds of Prey.

Birds of prayer, to me. Born of the divine. I love Thee.


The reflection of the sun on the windshields of the cars was exceptionally beautiful yesterday as I drove the school bus into Mullumbimby for the last time. A blazing sparkle of a silver white beauty with maybe just a hint of gold. And no glare, extraordinary.
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