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Rain, Rain, Here it Comes Again



Lots of it. Water falling from the sky. Walking in the nature. So refreshing, just the sense of it. Dripping, splashing, lovely cool wet, wet water.

The frogs are back late this year since the insect season has only just started in earnest with the recent warming of the weather. They are to be heard everywhere, day and night. It is lovely to see them hunting around the house and often sitting on the glass of the doors to the living room. Quiet little green tree frogs.

There is one frog down by the old water tank and I think it is a Pobblebonk, funny name that. I saw a few here last year but I have no recent frog photo’s. It has a call that sounds like a plonk – short deep, hollow wooden sound. It has been calling from dusk till dawn for a week or so now. Until tonight that is, maybe a mate has found him? Or a snake.

Out in the forest the frogs are calling to each other wherever there is water pooled, which is almost everywhere right now. The calls are so varied, there is the common croaking nideep – nideep, a chirruping, plonking and many other calls indescribable. It is a real chorus in places, a symphony of the many voices of frog.

Rain thundering on my roof now, frogs calling, sweet sound to me. The storm began in earnest a little while ago and passed right over the house. It poured down and cracked and flashed mightily with great thunder and lightning.

Out went the lights and the computer. In came the cat with her tail tucked down, hugging close to the ground with not a word from her who is usually so talkative.

Here comes another wave of storm, flashing and crashing and splashing as it gets closer. So refreshing to me tucked up in the warm dry house. So intensely sense.
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  1. Mark said, on 24/11/2008 at 9:04 am

    I’d say that’s the look of no ‘problem’ which , of course, allows for pure delight. The frog is that way because there is no problem, no emotionality, just being frog in the frog sense and not thinking life should be some other way. Have you ever noticed the smile at the corners of the mouth of the wild creatures (and domestic ones that haven’t had unhappiness put into them)? It’s the simple pleasure of being in sense and all creatures are.

    I think the delight is in you, seeing the frog being frog. And you re-cognise the the same state of ‘no problem’ because it is your own original state, before thought and emotion.

    People are the only animals who think and get emotional, letting it run on beyond the need of it. But it is possible to get back to being the simple sense of the body, the animal body, where creation begins. It comes down to what I acknowledge in the end, sense/ation or mind as thought and emotion. That’s my experience.

  2. morningjoy said, on 24/11/2008 at 7:03 am

    Umm…is that a look of pure delight on the little frog’s face? Oh, that we could appreciate the goodness of creation all around us like that tree frog seems to be doing.

  3. Mark said, on 23/11/2008 at 6:07 pm

    Somewhere inside me is a frog for sure. Isn’t there in every man? Oh Princess, wherefore art thou? :)

  4. Froggie Lover said, on 23/11/2008 at 2:29 pm

    Man……these pictures are really get the depth and can visually see
    the beauty of these little creatures; keep on keeeping on, you sound like a frog too by the way.. haha…..

  5. Froggie lover said, on 22/11/2008 at 10:55 pm

    Man……..keep on keeping on with the lovely pics….they are beautiful….

    your just one of those frogs too, in form of Man……nature Is hey!

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