Nature's Place

Surprise Surprise

Usually I can’t get near these before they are fluttering away but I looked down and there it was, a butterfly, still pumping up its wings. It was only just born a butterfly and must have climbed up on the blade of grass that gave it some isolation while it fully came to its butterfly form. So I said hello and took her picture. She didn’t mind.

While I was doing that a Jumping spider came along and performed for us. Turning this way and that, a little dance of nature to entertain while the hard work of cramping down for the shot was undertaken. It’s ok to say of a spider : Sweet little thing. Delightful character. Wonderful nature.

Evidence of its recent moth meal in the scales on its ‘fur’, here and there.


It’s no coincidence what appears as nature since it is my nature appearing. The order of things is from inside to ‘outside’. So when a butterfly shows up where none should be I take notice and allow the simple acknowledgment of what it is symbolic of, new form, new life.

Let it be.


For two days the same kind of butterfly has been under the outside light, just sitting there. And now it’s gone. I suspect a hungry Gecko got it, judging from the disturbance beneath its last position – flowers and holders upturned.

What does that symbolise then?

Everything has its time.

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