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Hide and Seek

Anthropologists say that in every culture in history children have played the game hide and seek. And we’re still at it one way or another. ((:

I would say you can often see the simple way of things in the uncomplicated nature around us. The instinctive intelligence of it without the interference of thought or emotion arising from past experience.

Here’s a Jumper that’s at it too, the seeking part anyway. I knew he was up to something, posing as he is in the first two shots, and deliberately looking at the ground where there is nothing in particular to see.

Tall – ish, dark and handsome.

In the next two he has begun signaling with his two front legs, holding them out and up and waving them about.

Then I saw her, the object of his attention. A little tan beauty.

Introductions made and he’s away and wooing, and she’s talking back – a good sign.

Chasing her this way and that.

But she’s giving him plenty of opportunity to demonstrate he’s serious, that he really loves her and he’s not just a fly-by-nighter.

And he persists against all rebuttal and abandonment.

Juliet, Juliet, wherefore art thou running my love?

“It’s only me!”  He called. As he pursued her off into the leaf litter.

The end, as far as we know. ((:

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