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Queen of the Bollard – Yellow Ladybug

The bollard is a post of old weathered wood bordering the car park at one of the places I go. It is one of many and all are home to some creatures, such as Grasshoppers, Spiders, Ants and so on. This one is dominated by Ladybugs.

I tracked this one around the wood for a few shots. It shows some character in its activities and postures. The things it does, such as cleaning its forelegs, stretching its wings, sitting still, eating and rearing up for no apparent reason imply an inner life rarely attributed to insects.

But why not? These wonderful colourful animate creatures are no less created than you or I. Just differently so, they don’t think – are not separate from what they are – their psycho physical reality.

Where we differ is in the ability to discern a spiritual reality, an origionating being behind the appearance. Though it doesn’t seem to have served us, the race, at all well. It seems so.

But then the species, the whole lot, doesn’t really flower on this plane of being, in existence, that I can see. This is where we die.

Flowering is for another place, inside, behind sense.

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