Nature's Place

Sweetie the Lizard

A beauty, isn’t she. Black eyed beauty. I found her under an old fallen log in the woods after the rain and she was struck still, for a few shots. Little finger thick and five inches long her friends and relatives are more usually gone as soon as I lift the wood.

There is a certain pleasure in the silent communication that is in the meeting of two creatures, me and her, where no offense is given or received. A simple pleasure, a simple good found only in nature – in my experience.

It is also my experience that wanting, no matter what, leads to the trouble – the conflict of looking to what is not now. A fundamental division of being that is inevitably known as pain. To realise unity, being one, not two.

But, perhaps, having given up wanting enough, it is possible to want the simple good without the conflict of division. More a kind of realisation or acknowledgment than wanting.

Then how to want rightly, if such a thing can be. We’ll see.

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